What an Incredible time! There was 6 of us that went away together! The flight out there felt as though it went reasonably quick. One of the people I flew out with, named Sarah. I had only met her at the airport the day of our flight! On the flight, Sarah taught me how to play the card game “Black Jack”. We landed in Tenerife at about 17:25 on the 17th December, luckily the time zone in Tenerife is the same as England so there wasn’t any time added or missed when we landed. When we arrived we got straight into a taxi that dropped us right outside our hotel. We stayed in the “Hollywood Mirage Club.” It was so lovely! On our first full day, myself, Grace and Ossia went to Las Americas. Grace and I had to go to Papagayo’s Beach Club to pay off the deposit for Ossia’s 18th birthday surprise which would be happening 2 days later.


There’s a free bus right outside the hotel we stayed in which takes you all the way down to Las Americas, which we got. When coming home, we couldn’t find the return bus stop to bring us back to our hotel and got confused as the roads are opposite to England. So…. we decided to walk! Yes WALK! An hour and a half…. up hill…. all the way back! As our hotel was one of the furthest up the mountain!
When we finally returned, we played card games with Erin, who was the youngest out of those who came away.


On the first monday we were there, myself Grace, Erin and Ossia got up early to go to the Siam Park which is the largest water park in Tenerife and a very popular one too!
We went on almost everything except from the Tower of Power. The only ride out of all the one’s we went on I didn’t seem too keen on was the Dragon one, I think it was because I was just mainly going backwards the entire ride. All the rides were incredible!

The lazy river was one of the best, I think we went on this at least 5 times, you go down the river and at one point you come to a section in the river where you could either go slightly off trail or carry straight on round the river. Going off trail is the best possible route I took! It takes you down this fast water shoot, which is extremely fun and then suddenly you end up under a tank of sharks and it’s so beautiful just to sit in this rubber ring looking up at the sharks swimming above you.

In total we ended up being at the Siam Park for 5 hours and even got there before it was officially open! We got on the Siam Bus to take us back to our hotel and to warn you…. the bus driver did drive like a maniac! It was an experience though! The driver almost ran over a man and then we all decided to sit on the open top part of the bus at the front. As we were cruising along the driver decided to slam on his breaks, a millimeter away from hitting the car in front! As he slammed on the breaks my best friend went flying forwards causing her to come off her seat and hurting her back!
If you ever decide to take a bus ride, I recommend to just be cautious of how they drive. This could have just been the one driver that was a bit dodgy but it’s better to be safe than sorry ‘ey.


At the place we got off the bus there was a mini shopping area, inside this shopping area was a massage chair, Grace, Ossia and I all had a turn on it each and it definitely did it’s job!

The next day, Myself, Grace and Ossia decided to get a gym membership at our hotels gym and sports area. This meant we had access to the sauna, jacuzzi, steam room, gym and other things within the gyms facilities. We went in the jacuzzi, steam room and sauna. Later on that evening was Ossia’s 18th surprise, which was the Cabana at Papagayos to have a meal there. We had to book this in advance as they tend to get filled up quite quickly. We had our meal then later went to the clubbing strip, we went to Joyces, Oasis, Rah Rahs, Rags and Tramps. In my opinion, Rah Rahs seemed quite umm, different to me, it had a strip club next door to it and it was placed above a brothel type place which one of the rep men outside told us that it was. After being at Tramps, we decided to call it a night, we got into a taxi and Ossia decided to speak Spanish to the taxi driver the whole way home, we ended up getting in at 2:30am.

We spent the next morning playing card games on the sofa. Later that day, Grace, Ossia and I went over to the Beverly Hills Club to use the gym there as the membership we bought can be used in more than one place.
Within the first 2 minutes we were there, the fire alarm went off so we had to be evacuated from the building…turns out, it was just a test. After the gym, we went back to the hotel, had our showers, played more games and Sarah and Paul made us a lovely homemade tuna pasta bake.

On the Thursday we were there, we hired a mini bus and went up “El Teide”. We did a few stops on the way but it took an entire day of driving up it.
We went 2050m!!! At the point we were it started snowing because we were so high up, the views were incredible, so beautiful and picturesque. We were out for almost 12 hours! As Paul did all the driving myself, Erin and Ossia decided to cook baked beans, hot dogs and some toast as it was something quick and easy to do before bed.
The next day was mine and Ossia’s last full day! We all decided to go to Las Americas where we went to Charlottes Cocktail bar and Papagayos. It was such a lovely day/evening, I rode my penny board along the seafront too which was just a lovely moment to take in, especially with the crisp air and scenery, it was just perfect. We went back to the hotel and at 11:30pm Paul drove myself, Ossia and Grace to the clubbing strip for our final evening out. We saw a McDonalds food fight happen where the drinks and chicken nuggets flew EVERYWHERE! IMG_2175
We also saw an actual fight happen too where the police turned up. We ended up being out till 4am!


The next day was mine and Ossia’s time to go home. we spent some time by the pool before having to go. Grace, Erin, Sarah and Paul were staying for longer as they were having christmas in Tenerife. It was Christmas Eve when Ossia and I flew home!

I honestly had the bestest time in Tenerife! One of the best Vacations I had ever been on so far! The experience was amazing, saying goodbye to Grace, Paul, Sarah and Erin was emotional because it was such a good holiday and felt like I got closer to Grace and Her Dad as they are like family to me! There was so many things I experience for the first time, such as a road trip, going up a volcano, going into a sauna and steam room (it may not sound like much, but it’s trying new things)


Tenerife was certainly a wonderful adventure and I wouldn’t hesitate to go back! Truly amazing!!




What a vacation! The flight wasn’t too long, around 3.5 hours! I flew to the area of Bulgaria called “Sunny Beach.” The hotel I stayed in was right on the promenade along the beach with a variety of shops and food places which was very handy! It’s so cheap out there! I spent a majority of the time by the pool and on the beach playing in the sea with a volley ball. The people out there are so lovely! There is a little train that goes from Sunny Beach through to Nessebar which is more of a popular area involving a lot of clubs, restaurants and a shopping centre along with a just as beautiful view as Sunny Beach.

The first photo, that’s the view from a restaurant I eat at right at the end of the promenade (picture on right.) It’s so lovely to be able to sit outside and have a meal with the sound of the shore alongside the sound of a man playing his acoustic guitar in the distance, it was so beautiful.

IMG_1218 Right outside the hotel I stayed in, Hotel Slavyanski. There was a pop up place that did Henna Tattoos. The temperature was amazing during the week I was there, I was there at the end of June/beginning of July and it was 32 Degrees Celsius! The night life was brilliant, there was a karaoke bar and so many other clubs/bars along the sea front just along the promenade outside the hotel. A further walk down from the hotel is a huge casino! There is a particular bar I went to, directly on the sea front called “Amigo”  The music was all the most popular hits of all different kinds of years, there were GIANT cocktails being served and so many of the restaurants, bars, clubs were doing a “happy hour” deal (which lasted longer than just an hour) but you could buy 2 drinks for the price of 1 and the drinks were genuinely cheap out there already so an evening out really didn’t cost a fortune.

I’d recommend going to Bulgaria, it’s such a lovely place, not expensive, places are easy to get too, the people there are lovely and welcoming. When looking in shops a lot of the people are friendly and have conversations with you, rather than asking you to come into their shop and persuading you that way. It’s definitely a place worth visiting, there is so many things to do there and the views are amazing!

It takes courage….

The further I am from home, the more I learn about myself. The more I cherish every moment I live. The more I realise the endless beauty of the world.
It takes courage, courage to go out and travel, to take on the adventure. It’s about that initial step of your journey. It’s about creating memories all over the place, across the world, within the country you live. It turns you into a storyteller, leaving you speechless and inspired. It’s never fully thought upon how beautiful adventures are until you return back to what is considered ‘normality’.

Everyday is a journey, take that journey to places you’ve never been. Step out your comfort zone and find yourself. Adventure is about travel, travel where there is no path but instead leave a trail of discovery. Adventures are taken in order to know where we truly belong. I always believe that it is best to fill your life with adventures and not with things, travelling is never a matter of money but of courage.

It’s always been a goal of mine to travel around the world, whether it’s starting in the country I live in or on the other side of the world to me. I enjoy travelling to places, taking in the scenery, the culture, the beauty of it all and trying out new things. I’m that type of person who will admire the scenery and the place I am in, even if it’s standing, staring at the sunset.

I’m Chloe and I’m 18…..