What a vacation! The flight wasn’t too long, around 3.5 hours! I flew to the area of Bulgaria called “Sunny Beach.” The hotel I stayed in was right on the promenade along the beach with a variety of shops and food places which was very handy! It’s so cheap out there! I spent a majority of the time by the pool and on the beach playing in the sea with a volley ball. The people out there are so lovely! There is a little train that goes from Sunny Beach through to Nessebar which is more of a popular area involving a lot of clubs, restaurants and a shopping centre along with a just as beautiful view as Sunny Beach.

The first photo, that’s the view from a restaurant I eat at right at the end of the promenade (picture on right.) It’s so lovely to be able to sit outside and have a meal with the sound of the shore alongside the sound of a man playing his acoustic guitar in the distance, it was so beautiful.

IMG_1218¬†Right outside the hotel I stayed in, Hotel Slavyanski. There was a pop up place that did Henna Tattoos. The temperature was amazing during the week I was there, I was there at the end of June/beginning of July and it was 32 Degrees Celsius! The night life was brilliant, there was a karaoke bar and so many other clubs/bars along the sea front just along the promenade outside the hotel. A further walk down from the hotel is a huge casino! There is a particular bar I went to, directly on the sea front called “Amigo” ¬†The music was all the most popular hits of all different kinds of years, there were GIANT cocktails being served and so many of the restaurants, bars, clubs were doing a “happy hour” deal (which lasted longer than just an hour) but you could buy 2 drinks for the price of 1 and the drinks were genuinely cheap out there already so an evening out really didn’t cost a fortune.

I’d recommend going to Bulgaria, it’s such a lovely place, not expensive, places are easy to get too, the people there are lovely and welcoming. When looking in shops a lot of the people are friendly and have conversations with you, rather than asking you to come into their shop and persuading you that way. It’s definitely a place worth visiting, there is so many things to do there and the views are amazing!