Where do I start! I don’t think I can put into exact words how incredibly amazing going to Iceland was! There was 49 of us that went along to Iceland taking up a majority of the plane. We flew to Reykjavik on the 13th March 2017. When we got off the plane we met our tour guide named Ursula. We got onto the coach and headed straight to the Blue Lagoon where I managed to capture footage in the lagoon on a Go Pro so myself and Grace (best friend) can use it in our Final Major Project to be shown in the cinema in June.
After the Blue Lagoon we headed to the hotel we stayed in, Hotel Cabin. When we arrived, their seemed to have been a hiccup with the rooms, we ended up having 5 of us in a twin room! The evening of the day we landed we were meant to go and see the Northern Lights but due to bad weather we couldn’t go, so we decided to stay in and order in a Domino’s Pizza instead.
Day two was our first full on day, this was the Golden Circle Tour which is 8 hours long. This meant visiting the Gulfoss waterfall and Geysirs, We also stopped off at other places along the way such as an area of water, almost like a pond which had history behind it.
The history was; many years ago women who went against their husbands would get drowned in this area of water, it was this specific area as the water is so cold that it would mean they would die quicker. It’s horrible to think that this ever happened but knowing about the history of these type of things is interesting. The evening we got back the teachers decided we could walk into Reykjavik City Centre, the weather was calm when we left and then 5 minutes after we started walking it decided to become a snow blizzard!
We carried on walking and myself, Grace, Keira and Emilia ended up in the Hard Rock Cafe. The curfew to be back at the hotel is 10pm, we didn’t leave until 9:30pm so we had to get a bus back. On the busses in Iceland you can only pay by change, not notes, so me and Grace paid for our bus fair and Emilia and Keira didn’t have enough but the driver let them on anyway – we got back to the hotel at 10:06pm!!

Day Three was yet another long day, this time it was 10 hours long. This day was the South Shore Excursion, where we visited two beautiful waterfalls. one of the where we could walk right to the top of it and the other where we could water behind/under it.
That evening when we got back, all 49 of us went out for a group meal at a hamburger place not far from our hotel.

Day Four was our day to go home. It wasn’t a huge amount of time we were there but it was enough to take in the beauty of Iceland. We spent the morning exploring Reykjavik and found a wonderful Deli about a 5 minute walk from the hotel, probably not even that. We got onto the coach at 12pm to head to the airport. We returned to England at about 6:30pm.
I stayed at Grace’s that night as it was easier to go to College the following day. When I got to hers it turned out that my bum bag had fallen out my main bag and onto the coach floor, which had my passport in it… I didn’t realise until I had a phone call telling me the coach company had it.


It’s all an adventure when learning from your mistakes, just makes me more aware of checking I have everything on me.

DSC_0145 DSC_0004DSC_0068 1DSC_0148 1


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